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el Lun Sep 20, 2010 7:50 pm
DarkComet Remote Administration Tool 2.2 is now release !
In this version i decide to clean the whole code , remove all kind of redundancy that permit me to find many bugs , then this version is of course weight more stable than previous release and more secured.
All data transfer are now streamed , that mean no more cache folder now all transfer occurred in the streams and his saved ONLY if the transfer was normally finished.
That mean no more exploit can be done in this version it is now full secured for the user.

So What new ?

- Stability increased : a better stability and speed
- All transfer are streamed (More secured , More Fast , Don’t make work the Hard Drive all the time)
- Pushme system for “iphone” and “ipod toutch” with documentation
- New Search manager : i recode the whole search manager and now it can search in subdirs without any problem.
- New password manager : i recode the whole password manager handling and add many new pass grab
- SIN design had change a little bit
- On connect event added : Now you can manage your task list (very stable)
- Keep Alive recoded : to be more stable and efficacy
- Broadcast commands recoded now 100% of commands arrive to the servers (no paquet/request are lost, tested in 500 fictive bots)
- Keylogger Recoded at 100% : The whole keylogger had been recoded no more hooks / dll are used and it still awesome (better :p)
- Self file binder added : Join any kind of file with your server without any stub.
- Password handling changed : now more stable , explication in the thread

Don’t forget to click on read more if you want to see the full description and download link

New SIN Interface

On Connect Event System

This function allow you to program tasks really simply , you can here select all possible broadcast tasks , decide to check or uncheck task you want or don’t want to be run at each server connections.
All is multithreaded to prevent freeze and other kind of weird bugs like that.
Also all your tasks are saved at client system closed and restore at next client load.

Pushme system added for Iphone & Ipod toutch

This system is totally new in RAT scene , it alloud your to get instant notify in your iphone or ipod toutch , it works like the SMS system but in free , but it require your to download pushme app from apple store , i give a full documentation about this new function then don’t worry all is explain about how to profit of this live notification!
it is the v1 for this function i will add some stuff and possibility soon.
/!\ also this function require you to allow a http(80) connection to [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo] web server to work , then don’t worry if it attempt some connection there it is only to call the PHP module i made to send this messages.

Download: [Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]

Saludos disfruten la nueva version de este rat ;)

Admin: Pitbull Security Labs , Colaborador: Indetectables , Moderador: Level-23

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